RN-DS Partnership - Medical and Forensic Practitioners

The RN-DS Partnership offers a unique range of analytical and creative image-based skills to support the work of the forensic, medical and archaeological professions.

During the course of a wide-ranging career in hospitals and medical schools, a wealth of experience has been accumulated and applied to developing pioneering techniques in facial reconstruction and photo-comparison (face-mapping) in the UK.

The many years during which routine paintings of surgical procedures and pathological subjects from first-hand studies in the operating theatres and mortuary has equipped the Partnership with skills applicable to illustrating both medical and medico-legal subjects. The same experience has been brought to bear in the preparation of medical anatomical models for use in teaching, research and media presentations.

Richard Neave has withdrawn from the academic environment and is now working in partnership with Denise Smith, a former colleague from the University of Manchester, to develop these skills further within the private sector using state-of-the-art computer-based technology in conjunction with traditional imaging methods.

Latest News

Our most recent reconstruction is of a young lady of about 25, dating to around 1577 and found in the basement of the West Range of Cēsis Castle in Latvia. The exhibition is to run from summer 2012. Further details will be added later as the reconstruction progresses.
Anatomical Reconstruction
Anatomical Reconstruction
Anatomical Reconstruction