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"Anatomy of an Athlete" exhibition - Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons, London
Our model is based on the elite T42 Paralympian sprinter Richard Whitehead, and is a 30 inch three-dimensional wax model, in the classical tradition of the anatomical flayed écorché, showing the subcutaneous musculature. We have attempted to show how the muscles of the Paralympian athlete develop to compensate for the loss of limbs, and the integration of the prostheses. Richard is a congenital double amputee who runs on carbon-fibre "blades", developed by Össur; he holds world records in the marathon, half-marathon, 200m and 400m in the T42 class.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Royal College of Surgeons and the Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain. Running from 13th March 2012 until 29th September 2012, "Anatomy of an Athlete" explores the anatomy and physiology of elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The exhibition is held in the Qvist gallery, and is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.